Jasmina shows off her skills with this drawing of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman.

Say hello to the Mummy and the Blob drawn by Marcello.

Marcello is drawing Iron man mid flight this time. It really looks like it is flying of the paper in this drawing.

Diana brings us Astrid from the animated movie called How to train your dragon. The details are really nicely done, especially with the different colors that where used.

Everybody knows Iron Man, especially after the big successes of the Iron Man and Avengers movies. Diana shows in this speed drawing how you can draw Tony Stark, the man behind the Iron Man suit.

Breaking Bad has ended and a lot of people wanted to see more of it. Kirsten made a really nice drawing of Walter White in black and white.

Charlotte draws Maleficent this time. Especially the use of colors is done really well. The music fits nicely and the end result is really great.

Diana shows us how to draw Jack Frost this time. This is a perfect video with Christmas around the corner.

Did you hear the Frozen song in French yet? You can hear it here while Charlotte is drawing the Snow queen.

It is the reason most people are afraid of clowns. It left a scar for everybody in the 90’s. Charlotte decided to draw the famous clown from Stephen Kings It. You instantly recognize it when the tooth and the red hair shows up on the paper.