Miranda Ibañez is a famous youtuber from Mexico. Diana decided to make a drawing of her which you can see here. You can find Miranda’s youtube channel here:

Everybody knows Iron Man, especially after the big successes of the Iron Man and Avengers movies. Diana shows in this speed drawing how you can draw Tony Stark, the man behind the Iron Man suit.

Breaking Bad has ended and a lot of people wanted to see more of it. Kirsten made a really nice drawing of Walter White in black and white.

Diana shows us how to draw Jack Frost this time. This is a perfect video with Christmas around the corner.

Kirsten Louise shows off her great drawing skills with this drawing of Angelina Jolie (playing Maleficent in the latest movie, with the same title) It shows a perfect usage of colored pencils in combination with charcoal. She also sells her drawings so if you like them please go to her Youtube chanel.

Everybody has seen Frozen but Diana Diaz shows us how to draw Elsa, the main character of Frozen. There is a lot of attention to detail in her drawings and she clearly shows that she knows how to use all different tools to draw. Having the song from Frozen on the background also helps you […]