Have you seen Big Hero 6? Diana shows you how to draw Baymax

I know someone that is a great fan of Ariel, just like a lot of oher people. Diana shows her skills in drawing while making Ariel.

Diana is really good in drawing, as you can see in this incredible drawing of Elsa from Frozen.

Chewbacca’s, everybody’s best friend, is now drawn by Marcello.

Did you enjoy the Inside Out movie? Diana is here to show off her skill while she is drawing Joy.

Ever wondered how Marcello looked like when he was younger? Good news he will draw it for you.

Marcello is drawing Iron man mid flight this time. It really looks like it is flying of the paper in this drawing.

Diana brings us Astrid from the animated movie called How to train your dragon. The details are really nicely done, especially with the different colors that where used.

Miranda Ibañez is a famous youtuber from Mexico. Diana decided to make a drawing of her which you can see here. You can find Miranda’s youtube channel here:

Everybody knows Iron Man, especially after the big successes of the Iron Man and Avengers movies. Diana shows in this speed drawing how you can draw Tony Stark, the man behind the Iron Man suit.