Marcello Barenghi

Marcello Barenghi has a really popular Youtube channel. This is because of his very realistic drawings. Sometimes it is really unclear if you are watching an actual item or a drawing on paper.

Marcello is here to show how you should draw an amazing apple. I’m getting hungry by just looking at it.

If dinosaurs still existed then they would look like this. Marcello is great in drawing these amazing creatures.

We all enjoyed the new Star Wars movie and now you can see how to draw it. Marcello shows of the amazing details in the drawing.

Chewbacca’s, everybody’s best friend, is now drawn by Marcello.

Marcello is back with his really realistic drawings. This time he creates a gorgeous glass laying on a piece of paper. The glass looks real because of all the details Marcello puts in it.

If you like comic books than you will really enjoy the drawing of Marcello from this Spiderman comic.

We have posted more of Marcello’s work but it always amazes us how much details he put in his drawings.

Ever wondered how Marcello looked like when he was younger? Good news he will draw it for you.

Marcello is drawing Iron man mid flight this time. It really looks like it is flying of the paper in this drawing.

I’m more a mayonnaise kind of guy but this mustard sachet looks really good. It is clear to see why Marcello is a really great artist.