Marcello Barenghi

Marcello Barenghi has a really popular Youtube channel. This is because of his very realistic drawings. Sometimes it is really unclear if you are watching an actual item or a drawing on paper.

I’m looking forward to christmas after seeing this Candy Cane from Marcello.

This drawing from Marcello makes me want to have a fish pond.

Marcello is back with his beautiful drawing of an eye.

Say hello to the Mummy and the Blob drawn by Marcello.

Marcello is back to show us how he draws realistic sunglasses.

Personally I don’t like fish, but Marcello is really good in showing off how it should look like.

I have never seen a real 500 euro note, But now I at least know how to recognize one thanks to Marcello.

I wish Marcello could draw muscles on me like this. He is really skillful in his drawings and shows an amazing way of detail.

Marcello is back with another bag of M&M’s. What do you think about this drawing? It really looks great.

I always keep breaking my Sunglasses, Wish Marcello was able to make me some new ones like he made this drawing.